Our House Story: The Beginning

Some of my favorite posts on other blogs are the before and after tours. I promise to do a tour once we move and are settled after the renovation. We have family coming into town to visit at the beginning of December, so we are giving ourselves a month to hopefully complete most of the work. I know that projects take time, and there is so much that we dream of doing on the outside, but the 1st phase is moving in, and making the livable spaces beautiful.

We purchased our house located in Everett, WA in August 2015. We were not looking to buy at the time, but to make a long story short we seriously purchased it within less than 24 hours!?!  It was completely meant to be, and God gave us so much peace throughout the process, but it was still so scary to make a huge decision like buying a house so fast. The house was a foreclosure that had been vacant for two years and was sold at auction. We saw the house for the first time on a Thursday night, and the house went up for auction the next day on a Friday morning. We went back and forth Thursday night if we should do this or not, but after waking up on Friday morning, we had so much peace, and we both looked at each other and said lets do this. We were pre-approved to purchase on Friday morning after I was communicating back and forth with our agent getting in all the necessary documents submitted in time before it was auctioned off. It was Crazy, but beautiful and we couldn’t have done it without the help of our friends who knew what they were doing and helped us along in the process. There is so much to learn about a house purchase!

We spent a month and a half painting the outside, inside, and cleaning up the stuff that was left behind. Because it had sat vacant for two years, and the previous owners left so much stuff, it took a while to clear everything out. We took car loads to the thrift store to get rid of stuff, before we could start painting. I had just finished school, so I didn’t have a job yet so I spent all my time at the house. My husband was working a full time job and would come do so much work in the evenings. Many nights we were working until 2 or 3 in the morning, and driving the 30 miles back to our apartment in Seattle.

Not pictured in the following photos is a large shed, that could be made into a separate living quarters. It is the perfect slate to create a small tiny home/guest house. I cannot wait. We won’t start that project until later, but I am so excited about it. We call it the dawdy house (a pennsylvania dutch term that describes a small house separate from the main house) to keeps things straight, since there are two other garden sheds in the backyard.

The original owners built the house in 1960. following photo is the house, maybe in the 1980’s I’m guessing. We even found the letter from the bank dated in 1960 approving the loan to purchase the land among the paper and photos left behind. I love the history!00471700003404r011


This photo is from the day before we purchased the house, that Thursday evening.


An apple tree, and plenty of space for a garden!


The lovely dated kitchen.


And green and blue walls in the living area, bathroom and bedrooms.


The Master bedroom.


The second bedroom!



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