My name is Anita. I am a gypsy and a romantic at heart. I was born and raised in Ohio, but have traveled and lived in many places including, Michigan, India, Thailand, and Washington. Each place has impacted me greatly, and has shaped me into who I am today.  My husband Christian and I recently purchased our first home in the greater Seattle area, and couldn’t be more excited to begin renovations to make our home a reflection of us. Despite our passion for travel, we are planting roots in Washington state for the time being. If we could paint our dream careers, it would be to renovate and design old homes, and travel the world (that’s a career, right?). My husband is the handy one, the one that makes things happen, and I am the one with the vision and creative eye.

I am a licensed massage therapist, an aspiring photographer, and a coffee enthusiast. I love Jesus, playing the piano, learning new languages, and exploring with my love. Clean, and bright spaces inspire me. Over the past year, I have been inspired to live a more meaningful and minimalist life. I’m still figuring out what this looks like. I feel like I have always been a minimalist at heart, but my style and esthetic has truly been refined over the past several years, and I’m finding that this is where my true passion lies. Creating a beautiful and comfortable space brings me so much joy.

One of my favoirte quotes is  by Sir Winston Churchill and states: “All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” I love this.

Less is more.

This is something I remind myself daily. I’m striving to be more intentional of what I bring into my home. Is it purposeful? Does it bring joy? Do I need this? This blog will showcase my love for simplicity, and also my love for beautiful and practical things.

Photo by: Kristen Marie Parker